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The main features:
– dimming the screen 15-100% (below minimum system brightness)
– screen color and a contrast adjustment
– system brightness 0-100% adjustment
– functional widget (on/off, system brightness, settings)
– autorun option
Some phones have a color tint screen. This app have a possibility to try to improve colors on this kind of the screen by setting an additional factor RGB.*
The range of the dimmer is from 15% to 100% (it allows to dim the screen below a min system brightness value). Make a relief for your eyes during a nightly reading.
Furthermore, you can change fast the system brightness too.
The additional contrast factor can try to make the reading or a picture viewing more comfortable on some screens.*
The widget provides fast on/off service with a shortcuts to the Adjuster settings and the system brightness settings.
The application has the autorun option which works with the dimmer set above 22% (for the safety).
A gamma adjustment is not possible to do.

*The colors and the contrast are done the best as can be, there is no possibility to access to the screen programmatically.
Even so, the app can be useful for some devices and very helpful in the reading or making images more natural on the overcolored screens.

Current Version : 1.7
Size : 49k



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