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Scary Techer Call You – Fake video call Prank 3.2.1 APK

Welcome to Scary Teacher Call You – Fake video call Prank free application

Welcome to Scary Teacher Call You – Fake video call Prank this app will allow you to receive a call from your favorite scary Teacher 3d : gaveling gary, thierry teacher, kavita teacher, skier teacher…
Do you love scary teacher ? Do you want to make a video call with scary teacher 3d ? You're in the right Place! Call scary teacher 3d Talk NOW, is a Prank App to enjoy it with your friends!

If you love playing Scary Teacher game you will also love a fake phone call from scary teacher! Our app simulates incoming call where the caller is the main character of the game. You can sue it to scare your friends! Set up a time of phone call and answer fake call from Scary Teacher!

“ Scary Teacher 3D™ Call You – Fake video call Prank ” app simulate fake incoming calls and fake incoming video calls, and fake conversation with the creepy character Scary Teacher 3d, with her real voice or from her scary teacher's house (in case of a life video call). by a simple click you can live the scary experiment of talking to Scary teacher 3d, it’s an easy app to entertain yourself or prank your friends and family and see their hilarious reactions , the calls looks so realistic and they will believe your really talking with your teacher 4d.

Scary Teacher 4d Call You – Fake video call Prank Simulator Features:
– Run the application normally.
– set the call .
– scary teacher voices will be played when you answer the call .
– a video of scary teacher 3d in her house will be played when you answer the call .
– Realistic feeling of talking with scary teacher granny thanks to the interface.
– live chat and live video calls.
– chat with searcy teacher 3d by answering properly her question.
– have a texting conversation with scary teacher
– Possibility for you or your friends to accept or reject the call.
– Cool and friendly Design.
– no Crashes
– Nice Graphics
– Answer the fake incoming call from the teacher 3d
– Scary Sounds Just For Fun
– Have a blast!
– replicate fake incoming video call from scary misty teacher.

You can't made a video call or chat, but what inside the app seems like you will made a call with the scary teacher 5d !!! We hope you like it 🙂 Disclaimer : You can't make a real call, this is just a prank App!


This is not a real calling and only a joke! The app does not bear any harm and is only for entertainment!
Note : This app directed by "Fans" And it's not Official. If we infringe copyright, let us know and it will be removed immediately .
Thank you

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