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‘ Learn Salat or Namaz ‘ is a complete educational guide from Quran Sunnah to learn salah “the prayer in Islam” and to help Muslims ( Kids / adults ( Women, Men ) ) to complete the second pillar and one of the most important pillars of Islam!
“Taalim salat” aims to explain “How to Perform (Pray) Salat (Namaz) in English and Arabic ” by incorporating audio tracks to embellish each learning stage.

Written text has involved in the app step by step for a good pronunciation of each surah of the Qur’an. With the accompanying images for a good clarification and good prayer!

To facilitate understanding of the various mandatory and occasional prayers. The app is designed in three languages: Arabic, French and English; phonetics in order to help Muslim children as well as adults to learn easily the right way to do ablution “al wudu ‘and pray especially for new converts who embraced recently religion: Islam.

Islamic prayer can’t be made without ablution Islam, that’s why we must learn Islam ablutions before learning how to pray because prayer without ablution is not accepted.

Taalim salat is a great way to learn islamic prayer for everyone, whether you are an adult interested in learning daily prayer, or you are looking for a tool for your child or even a new recently converted Muslim to Islam.

Taalim salat or how to pray Islam contains five obligatory prayers (subh “morning prayer “, al ?uhur Al Asr Al Maghreb and Al Isha) and other occasional prayers salah al aid (aid al fitr and aid al adha), salat Chafaa et al watr , salah istikhara, salah al janaza, salah al istiskae … etc, also mistakes to avoid in prayer (salah / salat) for a correct and accepted islamic prayer by God Insha Allah.

If you are interested in how to pray and learn how to do ablution, this app is for you!

** Features and functionalities of the app **

* Simple and intuitive navigation: prayers for healing, prayer is very powerful (power of prayer ) Alhamdoulilah.
* Taalim salat and al wudu is designed for all ages without exception: children, adolescents and adults.
* Interactive app with the integration of audio tracks.
* Multilingual app of muslim prayer (Arabic, French and English).

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Soon on the application : islamic prayer times, Islamic Dua, Anasheed, Islamic Ringtones, Quran

Current Version : 1.1
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Offered By : Salaty


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