Empty Folder Cleaner APK

Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your file manager? Use this app.Key Features
1)Multiple options to delete empty folders
2)Delete empty folders from internal storage(No root required)
3)Delete empty folders from external storage/memory card(Root required for this feature only)
4)No advertisement

With a single click all the empty folders will be deleted.

Options to delete empty folders
1)Show progress – get the progress of which file is being checked for empty folders
2)Log deleted empty folders – get the list of all the empty folders deleted
3)Scan ANDROID created folders – will not delete empty folders from the directories /Android/data, /LOST.DIR, /DCIM

Note: folders with “.nomedia” and other hidden files will not be deleted as they might be required by the system or the app which has created it. Developer is not responsible for any problem created by the app. You use the application at your own risk

What’s New

v 3.2
* Improved UI
* New cleaner and settings tab
* New option to proceed for deletion of empty folder from memory card without checking root(root permission is required)
* Root checking mechanism improved for empty folder deletion from memory card/external storage

v 3.1
* High performance improvement
* Delete empty folders from memory card(Root required for this feature)
* Text changes for better understanding of the working
* Out of memory problem solved

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Additional information

Empty Folder Cleaner
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100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Fenil Mehta

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