Rogue Planet Live Wallpaper Basic APK

Rogue Planet Live Wallpaper Basic

Rogue Planet LWP Basic

A lone planet and asteroids in orbit around a stellar star.
— Free Version (please support the developer by purchasing the paid version)
This live wallpaper depicts a lone planet in orbit around a star. This cosmic wallpaper includes a single planet with animated atmosphere, moving asteroids left over after the planets creation, a stellar star with solar flares, all surrounded in swirling dust and gas. This free version gives you some customization to this wallpaper.
If you enjoy this wallpaper support this project by purchasing the paid version. The paid version allows you to customize the scene by controlling the dust and gas properties, ring color, star size, and access to another theme. (search Rogue Planet LWP Full).
Basic Features (See screenshots for examples):
– Wallpaper Scrolling
– Support switching from landscape and portrait mode (if phone supports that feature)
– Ability to customize the planets properties (Atmosphere, Clouds, Terrain)
– Change color of the star
Thanks for any feedback and please rate (this will help me improve the app) =)


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