Rinboo Premium Quality Calls APK

Do you want to make the cheapest international phone calls straight from your mobile?

Tired of bad VoIP connections or of paying other internet calling providers’ expensive connection fees?

Travelling while on a business trip and hate paying huge roaming fees?

We have the solution! Check out Rinboo Android Application!

Just download Rinboo and sign up for a free account and start calling at a fraction of the rate charged by your usual phone operator. It's that simple!

This great innovative service can save you loads on your international calls, by routing your call over the internet instead.

***** New from Rinboo: Introducing Standard Service *****

Rinboo offers two different service levels that best fits your needs:
• Premium Service: Premium & Crystal-Clear voice quality calls, with Caller ID support, at competitive rates.
Dial with regular "00" prefix – Example: 0091987654321 (Your phone number is your ID, so anyone you ring knows who's calling)
• Standard Service: Standard call quality at super cheap rates & your Credit Never Expires.
Dial with "000" prefix – Example: 00091987654321 (An international phone number will appear instead of your own phone number)

With both service levels Rinboo ensures:
• No connection fees
• No VAT or taxes fees
• No sign-up or monthly fees
• No hidden fees, or extra charges
• No limitations on purchase amounts
• In-app balance recharge
• 24/7 world-class live customer support
• Best rates in the whole market at best service levels
• Unlimited FREE calls between Rinboo users – anywhere in the world!

MORE Talking, HUGE Savings!

Rinboo allows you to make the cheapest phone calls to any country using your mobile! It also allows you make FREE CALLS to other Rinboo users.

Rinboo is free to download and easy to use – it's just like your normal phone but with Free Calls and super cheap International rates. Reduce the cost of your international calls by up to 98%. Rinboo mobile applications lets you call and text on the move at an ultra-low international rates.

It's so simple to get started – All you need is the app and your Rinboo account!

Rinboo Android Application Features
• Account's Balance Display
• Destination, rate information (Ability to check the cost to any destination)
• Can be used with any Internet Connection like WiFi, 3G/4G and EDGE networks
• Free unlimited Wi-Fi & 3G mobile broadband VoIP calls to other Rinboo users anywhere in the world
• Integrated with your phone's address book
• Calls to Mobile and Landline numbers (using our Pay-As-You-Go PAYG credit and Calling Plans)
• Making and receiving SIP calls from behind any VoIP blockades/firewalls
• Multitasking, receiving calls in background and sleep mode(using TCP connection)
• Multitasking, receiving calls in background mode using Keep Awake feature
• Redial button
• Call History (Last calls log) with call duration
• Loudspeaker
• Favorites
• Call Hold
• Call Forwarding
• Auto Answer (AA)
• Do Not Disturb (DND)
• Echo cancellation
• Built-in tunnel* for passing through VoIP blockades
• Summary window showing last call cost and duration

What’s New

– Bug Fixes & Usability Optimization

In Addition:
– Brand new look
– Introducing our New eMoney Services
– Starred messages
– New PUSH mechanism
– Show/Hide your number
– Share Contacts
– Sending Multiple Attachments with Caption
– Record Voice Messages with a single tap
– Contact & Group chat new features: Delivery & Read notifications, Mute, Custom Notifications & Ring-tones
– Direct access to our 24/7 Live Chat Support

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Rinboo Premium Quality Calls
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500,000+ downloads
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IMC Telecom Inc.

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