RF Signal Tracker APK

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!
The RF Signal Tracker is an engineering application for doing impromptu hand-held drive-tests with your Android phone. You can monitor the RSSI (received signal strength indication) for the phone as well as the serving cell locations, describe the cell site’s zone of coverage, and save or playback that data. While many of the phone stats in the app can be displayed on the phone already (go to Settings -> About -> Status to see them). The advantage of this app is you can then map, record, and analyze those stats in a meaningful way.
App features:
– Voice notification of signal strength & technology changes, handovers, open hotspots, and more!
– Notes! Insert notes into the RF data collected. Notes can be viewed & edited in Big Picture
– ‘Drive Mode’ screen showing just RSSI, Cell ID, and technology to view while driving
– Localized for French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German (thank you Lutz!).
– Map and record your color coded RF signal strength as you travel.
– War driving. Collect WiFi access points and list mobile location at the strongest signal.
– Users can redefine site locations on the map.
– Play back, pause, jump to any part of recorded data.
– Share current RSSI with Twitter, Facebook, whatever you can share with.
– Sector coverage zones describing sector orientation and beamwidth.
– One Cell Tracking to examine coverage of a single cell site.
– Sound and Vibration notification on handover.
– Possible handoff neighbors (2G).
– User defined sites can be exported or imported for later use.
– Serving cell can be located through Google, OpenCellID.
– All sites located through Google or OpenCellID saved to local database.
– Export recorded data to XML, KML, or CSV files.
– Import older recorded data for playback.
– Roaming and data states, data activity, CGI.
– WiFi MAC address, BSSID, supplicant state.
– WiFi network access points identified.
– EIRP/ERP and Free Space Loss calculators
– Big picture of entire drive test or site survey
– Auto-shutoff at minimum battery level set by user
– Adjust GPS power settings
– App to SD card


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