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Easily perform a reverse lookup of any unknown number in your call history(or entered manually).
After caller info is found, user can save contact, dial number, block future calls, map location,and more.
If you have any trouble, please read the Notes and FAQ section below and if it doesn’t answer your question, please email us. We are always happy to help, but we can’t respond to reviews.
• There are NO fees associated with this app whatsoever. A recent review claimed that the app charges your carrier.. this is FALSE.
• There is no public directory for cellphones, so we cannot get much data on them, sorry.
• This app returns *publicly available data as published by phone companies*.
• If information returned is outdated, it’s because it’s outdated in the phone company’s directory.
• The location being returned is typically the billing address or carrier’s office for that number. It is not possible to return GPS data.
• CITY ID must be disabled for this app to work correctly.. it hijacks your call log! See our site for details.
•INTERNET – required to reach lookup databases
•READ CONTACTS / WRITE CONTACTS – read is used to filter out known numbers from being listed as well as determining which numbers to show a notification for. write is used to create “send to voicemail” contacts
•CALL PHONE – for one click calling after a lookup is complete
•READ PHONE STATE – used to create notifications when an unknown number calls(if set in preferences)
•NETWORK STATE – to ensure you have a data connection when using the app
•GET ACCOUNTS – used to attach “send to voicemail” contacts to your primary Google account(required for the setting to work). old method of creating these contacts did not require this permission but that did not work on some devices.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I enter a number manually?
A: Android 2.x: choose the manual entry option from the menu on the main screen. Android 4.x: press the PHONE icon in the Action Bar on the app’s main screen. IMAGE:
Q: How do I get the call list in the app to update?
A: Each time the app launches, it pulls the latest applicable numbers from your call log. If you have a phone with lots of RAM, it will update less frequently. To make sure it is always updated, exit the app by using your phones BACK button. This will kill the app each time, and when you use it next time it will launch fresh and update your numbers. (in newer versions of the app, the refresh button at the top will usually do the job!)
Q: How do I unblock a number that I blocked with the app?
A: Open your contacts list, scroll to the bottom and you will find all the numbers you blocked with the app listed with the prefix zzBlocked. Just find the number you’d like to unblock and delete the contact that goes with it. Storing blocked numbers this way allows them to be blocked at the system level, which is the most consistent way to catch them. If you don’t see the zzBlocked contacts listed, press your menu key and make sure you are viewing “All contacts”.
Q: Only outgoing numbers are shown on the app’s main screen..
A: If you have a Verizon phone, you most likely have City ID installed. This software hijacks your call log and it must be disabled in order for Reverse Lookup to work properly. See our website for info.
Q: I’m getting results that are showing the wrong phone carrier.
A: If a number gets ported to another carrier, it usually remains listed as being serviced by the original carrier.


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