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Restore the image
I want to return the erased images again!
I have erased the image in mistake!

Why don’t you try to use this app?
You may be able to restore the erased images!

A special Feature :
Super easy!
Need not the knowledge!
Need not the PC!
Need not rooting!
Need not Backup data!
You can restore found image certainly!
You can also restore before installation image!
You can restore the image from the Device or from the SD card!

How to use :
1. Select folder
2. Select the images
3. Tap the start button to restore

That’s all!

Q & A

Q. Why can you restore the image?
It is completely different from the traditional restoration methods.
The App that deal with images such as LINE, SNS copies images, and save and hide them.
This app display the images that are hidden.
So you might not find the image which have never used in any apps.
You may be able to restore the image which was shared or was edited.

Q. I lost restored image.
I restore the image from the cache.
If you delete the cache or have the app to delete the cache, you can’t restore because you don’t have the cache.

Q. Images are small and rough.
Rough image also extracts what was saved by dropping the image quality for thumbnail.
I’m sorry but this app can not correct it.

Q. The images which I have not deleted are displayed.
This app is not the app which stores temporarily without deleting completely like a trash can of PC.
When the cache is stored or when the images are shared or are edited, the hidden copies of the images are made.
This app search hidden images from all folders, then chose and restore the images.
You can restore the images that have been deleted before you installed.
Although the images which was not deleted but was copied are displayed, and the images which was deleted but was not copied are not displayed.

Q. Loading is lasted.
This app checks all the folders, so takes a lot of time.
If you have many apps or datas, it may takes more than 5 minutes.

Q. The date which the image restored is different.
Since this app restore the images from the copy, so this can’t restore with correct date.
Thank you for your understanding.

Size : 3.5M
Current Version : 4.1
Requires Android : 2.3 and up
Offered By : AlpacaSoft


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