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Repeat Habit – Habit tracker for goals 1.314 APK

A simple habit tracker that just works.

Declutter your mind
Repeat lets you focus on the routines you will have to do today. Combining both Goal tracker and habit tracker. Repeat will show your pending habit on a given day and will only just focus on that given day. With that approach you can focus more on the task at hand.
No more pressure to do the things that you have to do.

Make yourself a better you
Do you try and formed a new habit but still slipping back to old bad habit? Repeat not only shows you the task you will have to do, it will also show why you do what you do and the consequences should you fail to do it.
It gives you that choice between the pain of discipline or the pain of failure.

Simple yet elegant
Repeat comes with night and day color scheme that is relaxing to the eye.

Start with small
It takes 70 days to form a habit, Repeat will remind you and will notify you if you have a pending habit on a given time.

Voice assistant
Tired of reading notification messages? Repeat comes with a voice assistant that will read your pending habit on a given time.

Empower you
Repeat will show you motto from famous and successfull people(Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony robins) to help you push through the tough times to get you to where you want to be.

Repeat is a simple app that focuses on the core functionality of a habit and goal tracker app. It's like writing your goals on a paper.

FREE and no forceful Ads
Repeat is free. The ads won't be force to you instead, it is an option if you want to enable the ads as a support.

How it works?
1. Take a moment to decide what goal do you want. Always remember the S.M.A.R.T goal.
2. Mark the habit depending whether you do it or failed to do it
3. Don't break the chain. Keep pushing through.

You are what you were when. If you want to change your life you have to start having some goals. If you want to achieve those goals, you have to get rid of the bad habits and form a new one. Big goals are achieve by setting small goals. Achieving small goals leads to big achievement that will turn out to be your big goal. Repeat will help you to take these small steps towards your goal.

Keep pushing through. Repeat the task over and over until it became a habit. Once you have done that you now have achieve your goal. Don't break the chain be consistent and soon all your bad habits will be gone. Always remember "Success is something you attract by becoming a better you, not something you pursue"

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