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Your mobile phone started to work very slowly? The memory is completely full and the applications don’t want to work properly?😞 You started to think whether you may be needed the new device, but you don’t! You can solve this problem easily and absolutely for free: all you need to do just to speed up the phone!

With the help of new mobile Booster you can clean off the memory of your mobile phone and delete the applications, you haven’t been using for ages and also the old useless files (like pictures, videos and music) as well. The booster for android suppose to order your personal information left: the proper optimization of the files will exempt a lot of space in the memory of your phone and will allow you to use it again.👍

In addition, the accelerator application will find and correct mistakes, hidden in the files of your phone. Pay your attention: when you reinstall in the ordinary way applications which you do not use anymore, the theirs data stay in the cache and steal the inner space of your phone. The regular memory cleaning will help you to avoid this situation.🥳

The home menu of the Accelerator for Android has next options:

•📌 Scan apps, which allows to check for mistakes the installed programs;
•📌 Scan files, which lets the antivirus to find out, whether you have viruses;
•📌 Start repair, which suggests the system, boot and file system repairing, and the booster RAM as well;
•📌 Junk Cleaner, which will clear cache from the unneeded and duplicated files;
•📌 App Manager will research and show the applications you have and suggest to reinstall those, you do not need anymore;
•📌 Battery Saver is able to control the battery charge and its temperature, and gives you an opportunity to optimize it quickly;
•📌 Three options: Phone Booster, Full Boost and Powerful Boost will suggest you various ways to speed up your mobile phone.

All the options of the main menu are available absolutely free of charge. Using the accelerator application, you are able to keep under control the process of working of your mobile phone. In the second tab, called the Tools, you will get some more instruments.

Use them all to increase the performance of your device and enjoy its perfect work!

Tip: in this tab you have a special instrument, called the Widgets: over there you can choose the Cleaner Widget and the Booster Widget and add them to the desktop of your mobile phone.

The third tab suggests you to pay attention to take care about next elements:

•☑️ Storage and RAM of your mobile phone, both of which you can clean, tapping the appropriate buttons;
•☑️ Optimization Tool, helping you to manage with the charge level and the temperature of your battery;
•☑️ The Wi-Fi control option, suggesting necessary settings.

All the available instruments and options of the Antivirus Booster Cleaner are called to make the using of your mobile phone more comfortable: don’t forget to check installed apps for mistakes and viruses and delete cache too, and you will not run into the situation, when your device doesn’t work properly and you do not know – why!

What’s New

mada some fixes to scan files functional.
Minor fixes in cache clean functional
Added support to application
Added PRO features – now you can disable ADs, and make scanning and cache-cleaning in background.

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Additional information

Repair System for Android (Quick Fix Problems)
15.72 MB
Developed By
jack louise

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