Repair system android – fix memory & booster ram APK

repair system android – fix memory & booster ram aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues on Android devices with :

* Power clean and booster for android
* A single touch to speed up your
* devices and release memory.
* Extremely Powerful Tool.
* Colorful & Friendly User Interface.
* Intelligent application management
* Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.
* Low Space Needed to Install.
* Close applications running underground
* Advanced Monitoring System.

It cleans Android Device's RAM memory,kills unnecessary apps up hardware resources.As an added benefit,you also get extended battery life
for a simple click you can repair all the errors of your operating system, you do not need to bring your mobile to a technician to repair
it because of a system or applications implementation fast and reliable android fixer bugs for RAM and CPU Optimization
Clean up memory (RAM & CPU) and optimize phone and fix the speed by removing redundant background tasks.

in general repair system android – fix memory & booster ram app will check your entire system to decide what needs to be done for maximum performance and stability.Scan And Repair is performed at the same time.

* repair system android – fix memory & booster ram app Features :

– repair and fix android phone system & Clean bugs RAM & Cpu
– Eliminate system slowdowns and Clean RAM and CPU Optimization.
– Fix System boot Android and Speed Boost RAM and CPU.
– New User Interface
– solve software problems
– Startup Optimization
– Fixed bugs & Clean RAM & Cpu Optimization
– solve software problems bugs & errors
– Eliminate system slowdowns & Clean RAM & CpuOptimization
– It is fast and reliable
– Operating system and the system makes it useful
– Boost RAM & Cpu Optimization
– solve software problems bugs & errors

booster memory helps keep your phone clean and free up your storage space
clean up unwanted files to free up space, keep your phone clean , this speed phone cleaner for android integrates advanced methods for auto clean phone memory and storage space .
easy to use with just one tap to boost your phone speed and fast cleanup junk. deep power cleaning android phone!

* repair system android – fix memory & booster ram app New Features :

– Scan your operating system
– Analyze and fix any errors of slow-down startup
– Check system files of your phone
– Clear cache and optimize the memory
– Your apps will startup very quickly
– Real-time RAM usage
– Speed Booster
– [NEW]Startup Boost
– Cache Cleaner
– Garbage Collector
– Auto Boost (in pro version)
– Whitelist/Ignore list
– System info

What’s New

* Has been added Privacy Policy
* Classes Update
* Fixed Bugs
* Update Modes Clean cache and Clean data.
* Scan system error checks and repairs.
* Update Style App
* Add more Information Device
* Update Method To Repair Games Automatically

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repair system android – fix memory & booster ram
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