Repair system android and Booster RAM APK

What Can Master repair Do for You?
RAM Booster can clean junk files, fix device lagging issues and cool down your CPU's temperature to extend its durability!

Master repair RAM Booster can instantly optimize the performance of your phone, which includes accelerating web browsing speed, improving gaming experience and making your battery last longer.


🔄 Memory Status
Show the usage of your total memory, and show the usage of every running apps so that you know which app consumes the most memory.

🚀 Small Size
Ultra-small installation package, making RAM Booster a relatively simple Android application. Despite being small and simple, RAM Booster packs more power than any other booster apps, ensuring that your phone is always at optimal performance.

🎮 Game RAM Booster
The Game RAM Booster can instantly accelerate your gaming speed. With this lite tool, no root access is required to boost your game speed.

❄️ CPU Cooler
Cool down phone’s temperature and reduce cpu usage by stopping overheating apps with the RAM Booster!

• Speed up your phone
• Android optimizer
• Memory Booster, RAM Booster
• Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner
• Games Booster, Game Accelerator, Speed up Games

RAM Booster improves your device's performance, clean up cache and junk files and boosts processing speed!

* Power clean and booster for android
* A single touch to speed up your
* devices and release memory.
* Extremely Powerful Tool.
* Colorful & Friendly User Interface.
doctor phone for android system
* Intelligent application management
* Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.
* Low Space Needed to Install.

It cleans Android Device's RAM memory,kills unnecessary apps up hardware resources.As an added benefit,you also get extended battery life
for a simple click you can repair all the errors of your operating system, you do not need to bring your mobile to a technician to repair
it because of a system or applications implementation fast and reliable android fixer bugs for RAM and CPU Optimization
Clean up memory (RAM & CPU) and optimize phone and fix the speed by removing redundant background tasks.

in general repair system android – fix memory & booster ram app will check your entire system to decide what needs to be done for maximum performance and stability.Scan And Repair is performed at the same time.

app Features :

– Master repair and fix android phone system & Clean bugs RAM & Cpu
– Eliminate system slowdowns and Clean RAM and CPU Optimization.
– Fix System boot Android and Speed Boost RAM and CPU.
– New User Interface
– solve software problems
– Startup Optimization
– Fixed bugs & Clean RAM & Cpu Optimization
– solve software problems bugs & errors
– Eliminate system slowdowns & Clean RAM & CpuOptimization
– It is fast and reliable
– Operating system and the system makes it useful
– Boost RAM & Cpu Optimization
doctor phone for android system
– solve software problems bugs & errors

– Scan your operating system
– Analyze and fix any errors of slow-down startup
– Check system files of your phone
– Clear cache and optimize the memory
– Your apps will startup very quickly
– Real-time RAM usage
– Speed Booster
– [NEW]Startup Boost
– Cache Cleaner

– Garbage Collector
– Auto Boost (in pro version)
– System info
Your Android will be clean and fast.

Key features:
✔ Easy-use interface
✔ Clear cache
✔ Clean RAM
✔ Clean all junk and trash files
✔ Optimize memory space
✔ Free up space
✔ Speed up phone in few seconds
✔ Boost performance

💡Junk cleaner
System cleaner which analyze and safely remove the junk files

💡 Clear Cache
Helps to clean cache files left by apps to free up memory.

💡Memory Optimizer
Sweep cleaner download folders, cache, browser history etc.

💡 App Cleaner
Cleaner memory, such as obsolete an residual files. Free up storage space from trash on your device

💡System cleaner
Clear unwanted on background apps

💡Easy to Use
Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate

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