Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing – Tips, Tricks and Cheats APK

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is the all new robotic fighting game for Android. You have to choose a robot, upgrade with all new parts, and fight against other robots until the death in this game. It is a Fight and Wins game where you will have to earn Real Gold and Real Coins so you can buy new robots and upgrade your existing robots. Here are some tips and tricks to rule the game.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Cheats to play Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  • You should have at least one of the Energy Cores regenerated. If all of them have been used, you can no longer fight in the next battles.
  • There is a cheat that can help you play as long as you like if you hate waiting for Energy Cores to be recovered.
  • Change the time forward in Date and Time settings on your device.
  • You can restore all your Energy Cores by setting at least half an hour ahead in your device.
  • Once you do this, go back and you will see all of the Energy Cores refilled.
  • Then, you can set date and time to default in the settings.
  • Then, go back to the game and you will have all the free energy. You can repeat this process as long as you want.

 Tips to play Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  • You can win the largest prize by beating the Championship battles.
  • You will not be able to earn that much amount if you do not win Championship battles.
  • You can play Time Trial or Standard battles if you are having a problem in playing Championship battles.
  • You can fight these battles repeatedly for Real Coins.
  • First of all, buy a new decal to earn the extra bonus after each battle.
  • After buying a decal, start saving coins and gold for new upgrades from Parts store.
  • You can get upgrades like your hydraulics and mainframe.
  • With each upgrade, you can strengthen your armor, your attacks, or special attacks.
  • To beat harder enemies on the battle, you need to upgrade your robot from time to time.
  • For doing this, save up additional coins.
  • You need to buy the right robot for higher tier when going to the next tier.

 Tricks to help you win the game

  • Time your defense right to keep your rivals from attacking and your attacks to hit the opponent right.
  • Throw weak punches quickly and again and again to do this.
  • Double tap back again and again when you are back of them off the wall, and let him get back to you.
  • Even if they block your weak punches, it will raise your special meter.
  • This way, you can hit a special attack.
  • Upgrade your special attacks.
  • These attacks take a lot of their energy away and make them weaker.

Bottom Line

We hope these tips and tricks would help you win the game of Real Steel World Robot Boxing and you can get more upgrades and win more battles. If you have any doubt, be sure to leave your comment.


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