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Real Racing 3 App : Tips, Tricks, and cheats APK

Firemonkeys and EA have developed real Racing 3 App. It is one of the best racing games for Android Users. The application is one of the best among the racing game apps and has the opportunity to play too many more. Overall, it is an outstanding game app, if you are looking to get a better game app, just download it. In addition, here is a simple guide to learning some tricks to mastering the in-app purchases. 

Real Racing 3 APK Download


Real Racing 3 App – Choosing Cars

While playing this game, you are eligible to choose the car body for racing. Example, you can choose the interior, which shows the hood of the car. Moreover, you can also choose the full-screen option to make all the car body vanishes when your mobile screen showing the full road. Additionally, you have the option to show all parts of the car. The gamers can know how to drive a car through the choices of their preferences.


Real Racing 3 App Key Features


Realistic Graphics

Loved the graphics of Asphalt 9? Of course, you must be. If you love racing games, you just cannot resist your love for Asphalt series. Nevertheless, if you are a serious racer, you may find its graphics a bit on the flashy side. It means there is a lack of practicality. On the other side, Real Racing 3 App has everything like you are playing in real. Movements, cars, collisions, crashes, and whatnot. Everything comes from real life. Therefore, Real Racing 3 is the king of lifelike driving experiences.

It has detailed, crisp 3D graphics with great practicality. Therefore, this is the reason why this game is so graphic-intensive and its size exceeds 2GB. The engine sound, tires burning, and graphics to make you feel like being on a real track will definitely amaze you. Though it was launched in 2013, Real Racing 3 constantly gets new updates. Therefore, you will always find something new and fresh every time you play this game.

Race like a Legend

There are different ways to get rivals out of the race by causing an accident, such as squeezing cars off the track or ramming their car bodies. However, in Real Racing 3, you cannot do much harm to your rivals as they also play as safely as you do. Though you can still break their car by colliding them off the fences or walls, it takes a lot of practice.

Manual Controls

The controls are also very unique in this game. You can change the acceleration and speed with virtual keys to handbrake and accelerate. To turn the car to the desired direction, you have to tilt left or right. Along with it, you can also change the steering wheel position on the right or left as per your driving habits.

Several featured modes

You can play Real Racing 3 just as you would play any racing game. Initially, it had Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) mode. It records the race time and journey of players. In PvP, this mode simulates the journey with the use of AI. However, most players face problems in this mode. They usually prefer normal PvP to race with other players and friends. You can also play tournament modes with other online players.

Hordes of Supercars

In the beginning, you will get a Porsche 911 GT3 RS for some basic training. Later on, you will buy either Ford Focus RS or Nissan Silvia S15. Real Racing 3 is such a cool game to satiate your drive if you are passionate about cars. There are over 100 lifelike simulated cars from leading brands like Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, or Lamborghini. There are several other cars from different brands like McLaren 650S GT3, SPADA CODATRONCA TS, Nissan Power GT GT-R GT1, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Ferrari 458 Italia, and even more to rule every race with the car you love.

Sometimes, you cannot repair a car, which is broken, or you cannot buy a high-range car due to lack of money. This way, you can download Real Racing 3 MOD APK. It boosts your gold and money automatically when you spend them. Therefore, you can buy any supercar you like.

How to Play Real Racing 3

This game app is having an automatic brake option to help you stop the car automatically. With this feature, the journey passing the road becomes so easy for the users. You can also save your money from wasting while playing this game. The money can be earned while you play the game frequently. For the though mission, you have to start having enough savings. Hence, you have to play the game instead of buying coins.



  • Try to select the best car always when you play
  • Do the smart upgrades
  • Be tricky with the in-app purchases
  • Try to know your circuits and the different layouts of each
  • Horsepower isn’t everything in a drag race
  • While racing, run wide but not too wide and don’t slide rapidly
  • Always use the bonuses to your advantage
  • Spam your Facebook friends into the game
  • Try to get all over those kerbs



  •  You can start the race in the last place but with some smart moving.
  • Turn off the braking assist option or put it on low and do the breaking manually. This will help you to come away from races with lower completion times.
  •  When you are about to cut a corner do not let the gas fall down too much.
  • If you want to be in the first place, look to cut off racers by turning into their direction or bumping them off the track.
  • Always try to avoid contact with other racers and roadside obstacles. This will prevent you from unnecessary damages.
  • For some of the races, you do not need to be at full strength; you can just play it simply.
  • Each time you upgrade, select the best plan for your vehicle to get the best results.
  • You can select the Nissan Silvia as your starter car instead of the Ford Focus RS. It will accelerate faster and brake better than another car.
  • You can play and race against your friends via GameCenter and Facebook, too.


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