Read4English – Learn English APK

Read4English - Learn English

With Read4English, improving your English vocabulary becomes fun and easy!
Do you want to read English fluently?
Improve your English by reading & listening to a wide variety of books.
Translate unknown words and convert them into exercises!
If you are learning English as a Foreign Language and you love reading, Read4English is your ultimate companion!
The unique audio-visual synchronization with Karaoke-style highlighting allows you to read & listen simultaneously, helping you improve your comprehension skills.
Read4English provides you with one full free title of your level to get you started.
The learning process begins immediately. While reading, you can tap on unfamiliar words to look them up in the dictionary and save them to your personal exercises. You can start learning saved words with flashcards at any time.
Learning is fast and effective with revolutionary Brainglass method. The app keeps track of how well you know words and when you are likely to forget them. Read4English reminds you to practice so that you memorize the words for the long term.
1- Audio-visual synchronization with Karaoke-style highlighting
2- Tap-to-Dictionary to look up unknown words
3- Thousands of new words to be learned to enrich your vocabulary
4- Tap-to-Save to create your own flashcards
5- 3 types of exercises: Passive (from English), Active (to English) and Spelling
6- Intelligent learning tool to measure learning and estimate optimally spaced review
7- Wide variety of premium titles in categories such as Classics, Fantasy, Speeches, Short Stories, and News, and different levels (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced)
8- Translations into 16 different languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (simplified or traditional)
9- Opportunity to share the app and accomplishments on Facebook and by e-mail
10- Goal setting to coach you to learn 100 words at the selected pace
11- Personalized progress information
12- One full free title of your level of English
Don’t forget to flip your Brainglass to keep learning!
Quote from one of our users:
Great app, I have tried many out there, yours is definitely the best one, I have being studying English for a while now and my vocabulary is something I always try to enhance, memorize words I don’t know is issue, and sometimes it takes me very long time, but with the method and exercises your app has it turns to be unbelievable away to easy to do it.



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