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RadMeter 2.3 APK

Your smartphone becomes a professional Geiger counter!

Note: This is the trial version of RadMeter Pro, some functions might be limited

This application turns your phone into a powerful Geiger meter. RadMeter supports the most common silicon and Geiger tube sensors (SS05, BPW34, SBM-20, SBT10, STS-5, SI-29BG, LND712…), you can also define a custom sensor and add it to the internal database. The app supports measurements of dose rate (uSv/h, uR/h, Gy/h), activity (Bq, Bq/cm2, net or gross), Radon gas (pCi/l, Bq/m3).

If GPS tracking option is enabled, radiation data will be automatically paired with GPS coordinates and a proper KML file will be generated. Measured data can be easily mapped by using Google Earth.

This app is a real working radiation meter provided you connect an external sensor SS05. If you don't plug any sensor, the app will use the internal mic of the phone just for demonstration purposes. As alternative you can use a standard Geiger tube with a proper connection interface. For more details about SS05 please see http://www.optivelox.com/DL_en/ss0x.htm

Main specs:

★ Radiation measurements (uSv/h, uR/h, Gy/h, pCi/l, Bq/m3, CPS, CPM)
★ Evaluation of the measurement error
★ Internal silicon sensor/Geiger tube database
★ GPS tracking support
★ Adjustable detector threshold
★ Real-time graphs with pan & zoom functions
★ Log10/Log2 radiation scales
★ Radiation alarm
★ Screenshots and data can be saved in internal archive and attached to emails
★ Data are exported in CSV and KML format
★ User manual included
★ Supported languages: en,es,de,fr,it,ko,ru

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