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Radiation Detector, Infrared Rays Detector 1.3.1 APK

Radiation Detector detects the radiations emitted by electronic devices.

Radiation meter detects the radiation, electromagnetic field intensity, and other harmful rays like Beta, Alpha and Gamma, which cause incurable health disorder if not prevented/avoided on time.
In radiation meter the app uses the phone magnetic sensor to work, so if your phone has no magnetic sensor then this feature doesn’t work.
Infrared Rays Detector is designed for detecting the infrared rays emitted from cameras, TV remote, Computers, Mobile phones, and so many other electronic devices. Many electronic devices like cameras, TV remotes etc emit Red infrared light.
Infrared rays cannot be seen with naked eyes, through this app feature(Infrared Detector) you can detect those invisible rays.
Dangerous of Radiations
Since these radiations are harmful to health, and causes health disorder, this app helps you save from the intensity of those harmful rays emitted by the above cited devices.
Features of Radiation Detector & Infrared Rays Detector
Radiation Detector detects the radiations emitted by electronic devices
Radiation Meter detect other type of harmful rays
Infrared rays detector option find and view red light of hidden camera
This App also test all android phone sensors
Feedback and suggestions : if you have any issue related to this app write us on developer email: [email protected]

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