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(R) Notepad easy memo
I have the ability to share notes with categories and color folder notes.

(R) folder notes are useful for managing schedules

Features of Color notes 1)
I can take notes

Features of Color notes 2)
You can organize your notes into categories and manage them.
There are several categories of to-do, general notes, shopping lists, passwords, books, sports, travel, etc.
Tasks and shopping lists are also important features that you can check to see if your notes are complete

Features of Folder notes 3)
If you have a large category and you have a large number of notes, you can manage them in large groups.

Notepad function 4)
I have sorting, bookmarking, importance and reminders
Note notification feature lets you mark important material in the top notification bar

Features of notes 5)
You can share notes with emails or sns by sharing on the detail screen of notes.

Notepad function 6)
Can I back up and restore notes?

Notepad function 7)
You can copy the contents of the note to the clipboard.

notepad function 8)
Color note features
I can color the notes
You can also color-categorize your memo list.

Functions of folder notes 9)
You can create various folders under the parent category, you can also sort folders by color, and you can adjust the output order by adjusting the numbers with the priority function.

Function of color folder memo 10)
Color notes have an alarm function, so if you set the date and time of the year, the corresponding color memo will be displayed as a popup at the specified time. It is useful to set the color memo contents with the meeting schedule

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It has been developed to allow the users to use it with ease.

Thank you for using it(easy color, folder notepad) ~


Other device restore
1. File download ( email or drive ,,, )
2. Position : copy ___ /storage/emulated/0/misonote/miso_note_history.db
Please use file manager ~
3. Restore

Thank you very much for using~

What’s New

More convenient and better features

bugs fixed ~

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(R) Notepad – easy color notes
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