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The All-in-One Quran App for Muslims

Loved by the thousands of Muslims across the world, Quran app provides accurate Prayer Times (different times for ), Qibla Direction, Full Quran Translations/Recitation (in Urdu, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bangla, German, Azerbaijani, Malay and Hausa), Dua, Nearest Mosque Locator/Finder, Prayer/Namaz Alerts, Quran/Muslim/Islamic Wallpapers, Holy Quran Sharif Mp3 Audio and more.

Accurate Prayer Times according to country's location
Find Nearest Mosque with Mosque Locator.
Al-Quran: Listen to the Holy Quran in Arabic and various popular languages.
Quran Translations in urdu, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Bangla, German, Azerbaijani, Malay and Hausa.
Quran Recitation by Hamidullah, Yusuf Ali, Shaakir, Yasar Nuri Ozturk, M H O Ocmahob, Bahasa, Bubenheim Elyas, Musayev, Abdullah Muhammad Basmeih, Ahmed Ali & more.
Get Notification Alerts for prayer/namaz time.
Qibla Direction: Compass points in the exact direction of Kaba in Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque and lets you know in which direction to offer your prayers, even while traveling.
Dua: As Prophet Muhammad said "Dua Qunoot is the very essence of worship” so we let you know all about the Dua.
Islamic Wallpapers: An array of visually appealing Islamic Wallpapers to adorn your phone.
Special offers and features during the month of Ramadan (Ramzan) and pilgrimage of Hajj and on the festival of Eid.

What’s New

Performance improvements,
Design changes,
Bug fixes,
Ibadat has now also been localized for Arab language.

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Quran app: Prayer Times,Qibla
16.69 MB
Android 4.0 and up
Jan 12, 2017
10,000+ downloads
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