Qibla Compass: A Minimal Qibla Direction Locator APK

When offering Salat (Namaz), all Muslims need the exact direction of Kaaba located in Mecca. Qibla Compass will find accurate Qiblah direction very easily.Features:

– Find Qibla location anytime. This location is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
– Automatically detects your current location on start. Pull to refresh your location.
– Calculates Exact Qibla direction
– Qibla Compass for Namaz can be used indoors
– Can be used to get Qibla direction offline as well (outdoors using GPS)
– No unwanted settings, just get an accurate Qibla direction and degrees from north.

** For accurate direction, always place your device on a flat surface and keep it away from electronic and metal objects.
** The app requires a device with a compass sensor.
** The app requires a clear sky view to work on flight mode.

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Qibla Compass: A Minimal Qibla Direction Locator
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