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A great app to display incoming notifications as popup.
Samsung users – if you have the talking issue – please go to Settings -> Advanced -> Talkback fix and disable the talkbacks.
Popup Notifications Features ..
1) Displays the notifications from all apps as a Popup on Lockscreen as well as when not on the Lockscreen.
2) Launch the app right from the notification screen by Right swipe on it.
3) Dismiss any notification by left swiping on it.
4) Dismiss all notifications by clicking on Dismiss All button.
5) Mute the notifications for any or all apps by long pressing on the notifications.
6) Display detailed notifications. Each message from all apps will be displayed separately.
7) Contact pictures on Notifications where available.
8) Collapsed Notifications. Shows the latest notification for each app with the counter to tell the number of unread notifications.
9) Option to Turn on the screen when new notification arrives.
10) Option to see these notifications only when phone is locked.
11) Background colour of the notification screen can be customized.
12) Text colour of the notifications can be customized.
13) Option to show these notifications on a small window or on the Full screen.
14) Chose the apps for which you want to see notifications.
15) Chose the Blocked apps. Notifications will not appear when these Blocked apps are running (Eg Youtube).
16) Mute selected or all apps for 15 mins/30 mins/1 hour/4 hours/8 hours/ For ever.
17) Sleep hours. Notifications will be turned off during sleep hours.
Upgrade to Pro version to unlock all the above features.
Regarding the warning message saying that this app collects my passwords and credit card numbers, This is just a default warning from Android for all the Apps that uses Accessibility Service. This app does not collect any information like this at all.
Please contact me at [email protected] if you want to help with translation into other languages.
Those who would like to get the latest updates first and test it for us, go to the link : plus.google.com/communities/107956570310852053886.
Follow us on below links to get the latest updates :

Size : 1.6M
Current Version : 1.13
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up


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