Plants vs Zombies: Cheat Codes, Tips & Tricks APK

If you love strategy and adventure games, Plants vs Zombies may definitely be on your top lists. With the army of 50 different plants by your side, you are on the quest to hunt down thousands of wacky zombies breaching your lawn.


Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes, Tips & Tricks

While Plants vs Zombies series has added many titles for Android by now, the original version is still full of fun. At the time of launch, this cool and addictive game has left its players with a lot of sleepless nights. With that said, we are going to share some of the handy cheat codes, tips and tricks to add more fun to its game play.


Cheat Codes

Want to make those creepy zombies dancing or wearing mustache or sunglasses? In order to add that level of excitement and craze, we have added few of the cheat codes (Easter Eggs) added by Popcap Games.

Remember that you should wait for your Tree of Wisdom to expand at a specific level to make some of these codes work. All you need to type these cheat codes on the gameplay to make them work. Do not worry; you will know the height of your Tree of Wisdom to find out whether a particular cheat code is valid. Therefore, without further wait, here are some of the cheat codes and their effects to trick out the gameplay –


  • Future – Adds futuristic shades to the zombies.
  • Pinata – See the Halloween candies showering after killing a zombie.
  • Dance – Make the zombie dance.
  • Trickedout – Change the overall look of a lawnmower.
  • Daisies – See the small daisies when zombies die.
  • Slowboke – To slow down the zombie.
  • Tohot – For endless sun.
  • Mustache – Grow mustache on the zombie’s mouth.


Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Chance for Survival and Winning


Grow more and more sunflowers – Sunflowers are the heart of the game. Especially if there is nighttime and you do not have many sunflowers, you may no longer be able to protect your lawn against the brain-hungry zombies.


Grow more and more sunflowers Plants Vs Zombies

So, you should focus on growing enough sunflowers to collect energy and add shooting plants. Be sure to have at least 2 rows of sunflowers in the back of lawn where they can be secured the most. Once the first zombie shows up, plant a common pea shooter up to 3.5 squares off the first zombie. It will add up your time by killing the zombie before it eats your plant.


Select the plants according to the type of zombies approaching-


Select the plants according to the type of zombies approaching

Be sure to check what types of zombies you are going to face before starting a level. This way, you can choose the right plants for the level. This is because you need specific plants to kill some special zombies. For example, you should have a canopy plant to beat the bungee zombie.


Look at the almanac –

Look at the almanac - Plants vs Zombies

Once you kill a zombie, it will be added to the almanac. If you do not know what the weakness of a zombie is, simply check the almanac. Remember that you need to do this before selecting the plants to ensure that you will not be left vulnerable.


Use Yeti Zombie to Your Advantage

Use Yeti Zombie to Your Advantage

Yeti zombie is very special for the sake of your collection. This cute zombie is very rare. It is found only on level (4-10). It goes away once you complete the level. However, you can farm the yeti next time to collect 3 diamonds. If there is no Yeti zombie in the preview, close the game or restart the game. If yeti zombie bears too much damage, it runs away. So, keep some plants behind them to make him stay longer and delay his escape. Do not let the level to pass and keep farming the yeti zombie as long as possible.


Make money faster by playing “Last Stand” mini-game

Make money faster by playing “Last Stand” mini-game

It is the best way to earn extra cash faster. You can just play the game as is and it does not matter if the level is cleared or failed. Let the golden magnets attract all the gold and you can collect up to 5k in two flags itself.


Make room for plants in Zen Garden –

Make room for plants in Zen Garden

Leave at least one spot to place a new plant in the Zen garden. Once it is filled up, exit the game, and get a spot-free if another plant drops by selling a plant. There are also 10 chocolates exist. You may not want to have a drop of chocolate rather than a plant. You can also play a bonus game like “Whack-a-Zombie” to chew up the grave each time.


Don’t wait to grow your plants

If you just hate waiting to grow your plants and all the items are sold out at Crazy Dave’s Shop for the day, it’s time to fast-forward the time. Yes, this is the trick to refill all the items in seconds and you do not have to wait for the next day.

First of all, all your plants should be fed and watered for the day. Close the app. Go to Settings > System > Date & Time. Toggle off the button “Automatic date & time”. Now you can set the next date. Open your game and see your plants grown up. Now toggle on “Automatic date & time” to set the current date and time on your device. Make sure to close the app properly before changing the time.


Use umbrella leaf carefully

Use umbrella leaf carefully Plants vs Zombies

To keep the bungee zombie at bay, the umbrella leaf will be your closest ally. The bungee zombie is very dangerous as it can steal any random plant it wants. To protect virtually all plants, at least four umbrella leaves are a must. Each leaf protects plants in 3×3 square.


Bottom Line

By far, these are some of the best tips and tricks to survive longer and win the levels in Plants vs Zombies. We hope the above cheat codes will make your game even more fun and exciting. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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