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Pixelot provides an easy method for blurring or censoring regions of a photo with pixels. Use this app to hide faces, license plates, names & addresses, etc. Then share your picture on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, and more*.
Simply open Pixelot, choose an image from the gallery or take a new picture, and then drag your finger around the region you wish to censor. Alternatively, you can pick a specific color to use in the blur or select a common color from the image using the sample feature. Use this to mask faces, account numbers, signatures, or just use it to do some fun unnecessary censorship.
Pixelot has no advertising or third-party links. There is a one-time in-app purchase that unlocks a set of premium features for a fee.
Premium features include:
* Triangle, Strip, Hexagonal, and Gaussian filters
* No automatic resizing of images
* Blur eraser: Selectively erase blurring, allowing you to undo blurring within regions of the image
* Faces: Experimental support for automatic blurring of faces
* Zoom and pan
* You must have Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc apps installed in order to use this Share feature.

Offered By : David Kirchner


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