Pinpoint Weather Widget APK

Pinpoint Weather Widget

The weather widget that displays pinpoint every 3hours.
The weather widget that displays the weather every three hours for pinpoint this app . Since the widget, you can check the weather at any time to put on the home screen. Corresponds to almost all cities. The main function of the weather every three hours , temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind direction, three more area available to place widgets on the page with information on the Japan Weather Association Weather widget displayed on the wind GPS can be set square to 1 × 2 ~ 4  Other settings such as display size widget displays the screen-week weather forecast including detailed graphical representation of temperature on the screen automatically updates weather information every hour more, the network Set the temperature in the city, precipitation, humidity, wind direction, wind speed Click to view the weather widget semi-transparent edges of the skin changes color and character of skin color on the widget to display any two switch (can be disabled in settings) widget • In Click to view detailed weather screen (opens a new window. can be disabled) to add functions such as correcting feedback, request comments, accepted by e-mail so we, please contact us. Also, a lot of requests for chance of rain in the weather every three hours because there is no weather information is delivered, performed very sorry to add. Starting time is updated information on the Web Note *, to update the information when the screen is ON. To reduce CPU, the update does not occur during sleep. Because we use the information on the · Web, you may not get the correct information, etc. page has changed. Due to the time lag in updating information on · Web, to update the information after at least 10 minutes after each update. If the signal strength is poor · GPS, not received correctly, it may take several minutes to receive. Becomes heavy and processing regions set at the same time many · may cause errors. If an error occurs, if the process is extremely heavy, sorry, please use the area to reduce.  I was distressed, mail, model name in the comments, OS version, whether the change in home applications, screen shots, etc. If you break the layout, and would appreciate contact details. Will be corrected as soon as confirmed. Revisions 2011.9.15 : 2011.9.9 against defects in certain models of adjustment ver 1.22 · Design: 2011.9.6 against defects in certain models ver 1.21 ·: Add More Settings to Update ver 1.20 · , anti-bug 2011.8.26: 2011.8.25 bug fixes are initialized configuration screen ver 1.19 ·: Adding a Web guide to fix the problem and other do not load correctly setting screen ver 1.18 ·, anti-bug.


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