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Pink Granny V2.1: Horror Scary MOD 3 APK

The best adventure is here in Pink Granny V2.1: Horror Scary MOD

Pink Granny V2.1: Horror Scary MOD is about a mysterious house which is processed by an evil and an old lady branny granny. No one has seen this scary lady granny for so long. But it is noticed that the house lights turned On and Off occasionally.
Some people have heard screams from the inside the branny fnaf house. Insurance Evil barbi loan lady car is an new expert in black assure bug magic. She has kept mortgage miraculous souls of the people in different objects. Your aim is to release these miraculous scary barbie souls. You need to find attorney to all souls inside granny house credit mod and make sure granny branny super lady does not lawyer you. Otherwise you will suffer and donate the same.

Features of Barbi Granny V2.1: Horror Scary MOD :
– High Quality 3D Graphics!
– Amazing claim conference Sounds!
– Smooth recovery transfer and Easy Controls!
– Interesting cord activities!
– Direction map and blood Hints!
– Addictive

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37.71 MB
Developed By
Six Horror MOD

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