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Use your phone’s camera to solve equations with Smart Calculator – Math Calculator & Math Solver.Are you looking for quick and accurate math answers but not specific math calculator? With Photo Calculator, your phone can become Math scanner to solve math problem and immediately receive the mathway answers.

Smart Calculator can simply snap photo calculator and math solver instantly delivers the mathway answers, math solution while also providing step by step solver.

Math Solver is a valuable tool for a parent helping with his kid ‘s math homework and attempting to remember grade-school arithmetic or middle-school algebra, photo calculator.

Math app can help students check their work and show them how to arrive at the correct math answers. And Math problem solver can help parents brush up on mathway lessons learned long ago.

✦Handwritten questions in Smart Calculator – Math solver app are currently not supported but they will be solved soon.✦

ღ Photo Calculator app calculates mathematics problems with camera.
ღ Click a photo calculator, crop the portion and save it.
ღ Math Problem Solver can solve simple as well as complex math problems.
ღ Smart Calculator also contains manual math calculator.
ღ Math Scanner with no internet required.
ღ Step by step solutions for different methods to solve math problem.
ღ Math Solver with Graphing and Tables, algebra calculator or math calculator.
ღ Math Calculator can solve simple to advanced math questions.
ღ Smart Calculator instants mathway solutions from algebra to trig and calculus.

Students will certainly use Math Calculator to do the heavy lifting for them. Math scanner can help their homework with integral math app, mathway, socratic, math calculator, photo calculator and scribbling down the math answers, math problem solver math solution without learning the concepts.

Install this Smart calculator helper and you’ll get:
Basic Calculator : Basic mathematics free functions with percentage.
Photo Calculator : Good math homework helper which solves math problems by taking photo.
Smart Calculator : Based on casio 570 with math solution
Calculation history : Never lose your calculations
Equation calculator : Solve your math homework efficiently.
Great design : Nice user interface based on gesture.
Vibrate and Sound : Fashion functions that simulates a real smart calculator.

Photo calculator
You don’t need to input all the exercises one by one but take a picture and then you can get the solutions at once.

Basic calculator
The basic photo calculator in this Photo Calculator app contains add up, subtraction, multiplication and division. What’s more, Smart Calculator includes the percentage calculation and brackets.

Smart calculator
Slide up from the bottom of the keyboard and the scientific calculator will be shown. This all-in-one smart calculator, mathway, math app contains all the scientific calculations based on Casio 570.

Equation calculator
With smart calculator, you just need to enter the formula and the equation calc will give you answers automatically.

Simple calculator
We insist that the simple is the best, especially for Smart calculator – Photo calculator. Math solver app is simple but it still keep all the beauty factors. You’ll enjoy doing calculations with our math calculator.

Calculation history
Slide down from the top of the keyboard and your calculation history will be shown. Smart Calculator shows all the photo calculator you done before so that you can copy, delete or reuse them.

Smart Calculator – Math Calculator & Math Solver is an easy to use application for all students. Use our Math app to snap a pic and instantly get the solution with the steps! And, our Smart Calculator is 100% FREE!

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