PhoneUsage APK


Save money!
Monitor your phone call, text and data usage.
Save money on your phone bill!
Monitor your phone call, text and network data usage.

“Loads of similar apps on the market, but this one beats them hands down.”
– Set limits on daily, weekly and monthly usage.
– Alerts when you break your usage limits.
– Widgets for calls, texts and data.
– See which apps are using the most data.
– See who you call the most.
– See usage per hour, day, week and month.
Stay with in your limits and save money on your monthly bill.

– Set your monthly billing date
– Choose daily, weekly and monthly limits
– Get notified if you break your limits

– Net counter counts Edge/3G/GPRS mobile data.
– Pie chart of break down of data per app is available on android 2.2+ only and includes both wifi and mobile data.
– All other charts and figures exclude wifi.

NOTE: (read the app help section)
– Data usage will NOT appear straight away!
– App does NOT continuously run in background!
– Choose update frequency in advanced settings
– Network access permission is for Admob ads.
– Nothing more! To remove the advert buy the Pro key.
Similar to 3G Watchdog and Netcounter.

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