Phone Profiles Plus APK

PhoneProfilesPlus allows automatically or with one click configuring the device for life situations (at home, at work, in your car, sleep outside, …).

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– for phones and tablets (tablet UI)
– navigation panel – click on title icon or swipe from left to right (Editor)
– navigation panel – you can change who you can see on Editor: Profiles, Events and what will by filtered
– navigation panel – for Events you can change order of events in list
– source profile
– add, edit, duplicate, delete profiles and events (Editor)
– activating profile with click from popup window (Activator)
– notifications: status bar, toast, notification icons style
– application theme – light/dark
– widgets – icon, one row, profile list
– shortcut into profile
– “drag and drop” profiles reordering (Editor)
– import/export profiles preferences into sdcard
– who will by launched (Activator, Editor) from home screen, widgets, notification
– global enabling/disabling of events start

profile features:
– ringer mode, sound volume, speakerphone, sounds, airplane mode, automatic data synchronization, mobile data, network type, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, screen timeout, screen brightness, screen auto-rotation, run application, launcher wallpaper, lockscreen on/off, wi-fi hotspot, lock device, connect to SSID

events features:
– priority, profile which will by activated on start/end, ignore manual profile activation, sound notification, undo profile activated before start of event, event start delay
– event types: time, calendar, battery, call, accessories, WiFi (SSID), Screen (on/off), Bluetooth, SMS, Notifications, Applications, Location, Orientation, Mobile cells, NFC tags, Radios, Alarm clock.

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Phone Profiles Plus
Developed By
Henrich Gron

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