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Phone Master is the best Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, App Lock, Data Traffic Manager, CPU Cooler and Battery Saver. With the help of App Locker, Phone Master protects your private information. No more worry about snoopers. Data Manager can help you use your data wiser. As a phone manager it helps millions of users to make phone clean and get more space with one simply tap!Core Features of Phone Master:
App Locker
App Locker can lock up apps, photos, messages and other private data with password or pattern. You can easily protect your private information. Hide sensitive photos, videos, contact, SMS and communication apps by encrypting it. Give your secret the solid protection as your best defender.
Data manager
Data manager can set data plan for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and whatever date circle you want. Data Manager also can display data usage per app. Easily identify most data-hungry apps in your device. Make your cellular data usage more clear and simple.
★ Phone Booster
No more auto-start application in the backend. Phone Master boosts processing speed, clean unnecessary apps that running in background and save battery.
★ Junk Cleaner
Always feel slow and need more space when use your phone? The junk file cleaner can clean up cache and trash that take up your memory and storage space, which can help boost your phone’s speed and performance.
★Power Saving
The battery saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use. Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and promote battery life.
★CPU Cooler
Cooling the CPU heat by detect and close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise.
★Deep Clean
Manage all your phone in one screen. Delete unwanted image, video, audio, installation package.
★Harassment Filter
Phone Master identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS.
★Clean Whatsapp
Whatsapp can make huge amount of trash files along with using time. We help you boost the speed of your Android device and save storage.
★File Move
Full of different kinds of files can take lots of phone memory. Move your large file in just one single tap to free up space.

★How does Phone Master Clean your device?
Make your phone clean is our top priority. We have several features to help you improve your device. No more bust and freeze.
✔ Clean cache trash – clear system cache and apps’ cache junk files to reclaim the space.
✔ Clean apps’ installation package – clean the installation apk of apps
✔ Clean uninstall remains-clean residual junk file from deleted apps;

★How does Phone Master make your phone faster?
Does your phone speed become slower day by day and even hang up? Our phone booster will accelerate your device and cool down the CPU temperature.
✔ Boost processing speed, halt unnecessary apps that running in background. Improving the running speed.
✔ Analyzes CPU usage, detects overheating apps, and close them immediately to cool down phone temperature. Never make phone hot.

★How does Phone Master help you master your phone?
✔ Use Data Manager to set a data usage plan, monitor what apps are using the data a lot, and get alerts before you run out of data.
✔ Battery Saver can help you find out what’s draining your power. Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery.

★How does Phone Master Protect your privacy?
Sick of people spying your private information and intruders trying to snoop your privacy? Let us become your super defender.
✔App Locker can lock apps that you don’t want people to check. Set password or pattern to lock up your secrets. Give your private data, sensitive photos and videos strongest protection. Keep snoopers away from messing up your personal information.

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