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Wayo is the most accurate and powerful free localization service available on the market. Via GPS technology, Wayo allows you to instantly locate your family, friends, workers, vehicles, objects and animals in real time.
Wayo is the essential application for you, your family and your circle of friends.

With Wayo you will:

• Wayo is a Family Locator Offers Real Time Location Date.
• Is a GPS Tracker
• GPS Tracking of All Circle Members.
• The best GPS Tracking App.
• GPS Tracking to find Friends and Family.
• Reliable Cell Phone Tracker.

See the exact location of your family, friends, workers, vehicles, objects or animals with a single tap on the mobile screen.
Create private groups of people (always with prior invitation and authorization) to share location, send messages, update position, and even send an alert when there is imminent danger.
Choose to be visible or hidden for one or all of your friends and / or family.
View a year's history of all your Wayo contacts.
Send your position and track your position during the period you choose to people who do not have Wayo installed.
Track a lost or stolen phone even if they change sim card.
See the speed of movement of all the linked Wayos.
See the battery charge of all the connected Wayos.

Wayo is practical, useful and will make your life easier:
If you have children and / or elderly at your expense you will love this application. Check the map directly on your Phone, PC, or Tablet and enjoy the peace of mind that you are well, in a safe place or on the way home. Wayo also incorporates a live alert system available 24/7 (PRO User) for when there are no family members available. Have the peace of mind that they will always be able to turn to someone.

Wayo is dynamic, social and fun:
When you stay with your group of friends you can indicate the exact location of the meeting place, and see in real time how they are approaching. Or receive an alert when a friend or relative is in a certain place.

Wayo is essential and necessary in the professional field:
With this application you will get precise and accurate information, necessary to manage times, schedules and location of commercial work groups, vehicles etc.

Wayo is one of the most accurate and reliable People Locators in the World.
Attention! So that you can follow a person, they must use "Wayo GPS" and give you permission.
** If you experience any problems please write us to [email protected] so we can help you. Thank you! **

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What’s New

– Performance improvement
– Solved few bugs

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Phone Locator Wayo GPS Tracker
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1,000,000+ downloads
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