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“Phone Fee Assistant” is a free android statistics tool.
Statistics call duration and sms , help you use mobile operator’s phone packages more effectively,to help your phone fee don’t exceed your expected ,help you save money.
Powerful ,easy to use ,know how to use in one minute.
[App Feature] Main page:
Today’s call duration and sms statistics
This month’s call duration and sms statistics
Percent of call duration usage
Percent of sms usage
Percent of time of month
List report and Graph report:
Outgoing call count
Incoming call count
Outgoing call duration
Incoming call duration
Outgoing sms
Incoming sms
Yearly view
Monthly view
Daily view
Set free call duration / sms
Statistics Options:all call / outgoing call ,all sms / outgoing sms
Set billing month start date
Set call duration minimum unit : second/30 seconds/minute ,make the statistics result more nearly to your phone operator’s result
Simple setting page,complete in one minute
[Q & A] Q: Whether this app upload my contacts ,call log , sms to server to analyze?
Not. All statistics work is done in app ,and all statistics data is stored in your phone ,this app never upload any your data to server.
Q: My operator’s phone packages does not include free call duration and sms , how to set call&sms plan in the setting page?
You could change the default value 200 to 0 , or set a value according to your average usage in past several months ,this will help your control phone fee does not exceed you expected.
Q: Why this app need internet permission?
Internet permission is used for ad , and check whether I have new app published.
Q: This app contains a background service , what’s the function of it?
This is statistics service, it make sure that call log and sms will be counted even you don’t open this app everyday.
Q: Whether this service use very much battery power?
Not. First ,the service does not work frequently , only when need update statistics data(a new call is made or a sms is sent),the second ,the computation is very little ,for example , if sms you have sent this month is 100 ,when you send a new sms ,the service change the 100 to 101,this will be done within one second.
Q: Why I have deleted some call log or sms ,they are still listed in the app?
This app is designed for statistics thus help user control phone fee ,so the deleted call log and sms will also be included. This app does not keep a copy of your call log and sms ,only save statistics result of them ,privacy content will not be saved ,take sms as example ,app only save the count and time, but don’t save phone number you sent to or received from , and don’t save sms content ,so please don’t worry about privacy issue.
Q: Why this app have a auto-start task?
The auto-start task launches the statistics service.
Q: Why this app does not support APP2SD?
There is a limitation of android system : the auto-start task can’t be launched if a app is installed on sd card , so this app does not support APP2SD for make sure statistics result correct.

[Thanks] Thanks my Italian friend Gian Luca Bignardi supplying app ideas ,translation help and test help to me , Thanks!
Thanks These translators supply translation help to this app :
Czech : Dominika Rumanová
Russian : Roman Rublevskiy
Spanish : Alvaro Villa
Hungarian:Pogrányi Zoltánnak

Size : 623k
Current Version : 1.08
Requires Android : 2.1 and up


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