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Phone Cooler – Pro Cleaner Master App – CPU Cooler is temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature. cool down

Phone Cooler – Pro Cleaner Master App – CPU Cooler features :
✓Real-time temperature monitoring
Monitors your phone temperature in real time, so you can see the change from moment to moment. When the temperature is too high, Phone Cooler Master – CPU Cooler – Cool Apps will alert you.

✓Dynamic overheating detection
Analyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that are overusing system resource to determine the cause for phone overheating. cool app

✓One tap to cool down
Close overheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage.

✓Overheating prevention
Closes apps that are likely to cause temperature rise, and prevents the phone temperature from rising again.
With all these awesome features, Phone Cooler Master – CPU Cooler – Cool Apps is the best choice to detect apps with high CPU usage and close them to make your device cool. In addition, Phone Cooler Master also helps to extend your battery life by clean the RAM and boost your phone speed.

Why does my phone overheat?
Overheating can occur after prolonged use of powerful apps or games, or while running a large number of apps simultaneously. When the phone’s hardware power consumption rises, it will produce enough heat that you will noticeably feel the phone overheating. cool
What are the harmful effects of my phone overheating?
Very high phone temperatures can cause your device to respond slowly or to crash or restart. Prolonged overheating can accelerate the aging process of the device itself, shortening the lifespan of your phone. More seriously, though, continued prolonged periods of overheating may lead to potential security problems.
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