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Phone Cooler Master is a temperature monitoring and controlling app that reduce your phone usage and cool down your phone. Cooler overcomes the common heating problem of android phones, lower down phone temperature and cooling device your overheating phone. Phone Cooler Master helps to detect temperature and control the extra usage of Apps that produces heat and makes your phone slow. Phone Cooler master close the heavy resources to reduce.
phone cooler master for android phone works for you in a perfect manner, Clean your cache memory, free up RAM, Boost your memory provide Real time temperature monitoring and protection, optimize its speed,overheat prevention and cooling android phone. Master key feature of this smart android cooler is lower down temperature. It behaves like a mobile cooler,

Free phone cooler application. Phone cooler master for android tablet version is also available.
♥ Real time device temperature monitoring
♥ Material Design user interface
♥ Very easy to use to cool down
♥ Optimize Speed and Performance
♥ Dynamic overheat apps detection
♥ Overheat protection
♥ Temperature Unit
♥ Auto Detect Temperature

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