Phone Cooler – CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster) APK

Temperature monitoring and cooling device for the phone as quickly as possible. Software Cooler Master cooling device will monitor, control and close the resource-consuming applications minimize CPU usage and help cool the fastest CPU.With the use of the phone for a long time to watch movies, play online games or chatting with friends will cause overheat situation and make you feel uncomfortable. The machine can heat affect battery life and cause rapid damage your phone. Do not worry with Phone Cooler app will help you to cool down the temperature phones or phone cpu cooling.

Phone Cooler Master:

– The cooling system automated phone
– Reduce heat rapidly phone
– To monitor and alert on the phone over temperature
– Analysis and making phone heating applications

Hot machine can affect battery life and cause discomfort when using the phone. With this cooler master cpu cooler app you can easily reduce the heat to the phone, to sew it helps decrease battery power. Especially with CPU cooling features automatic phone, phone cooling fast … will help you to not have to worry about phone problems in high temperatures. Help your phone to cool down my phone from heating apps

Cooler Master funtions:

– Close the application runs in the background causing the machine to cool hot telephone pole fast with android cooling fan
– Multiple modes of cooling different phones help cool phone
– Prevents temperature rise up again and lowered temperatures phone
– Cool down phone temperature for android
– Temperature measurement accuracy, easy temperature control cpu
– Issue a warning when the device heats up
– This is phone cooler and battery saver to cpu cooler to cool down the phone temperature
– Detect overheating app and cause cooling cpu, cool down cell phone and cooler master –cooling android cool down
– App to cool down my android phone, cooling apps for android phones
– Cpu temperature display
– Fast battery charging, auto cooling app for android
– Free use of CPU Cooler to cool your phone down

Do lose your phone easily and speed with one touch android. Cpu cooler cooling applications also monitor the temperature of your phone and give notice cpu cooling when the temperature exceeds the permitted level. It also helps accelerate and CPU cooler or cooling battery saving . Download cooler overheating app

What’s New

Reduces CPU usage and cool down your phone.

– Fix some bugs
– Application optimization

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Phone Cooler – CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster)
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