Parkify – Where is my car? APK


This simple minimalist car locator will automatically detect when you park your car. It is automatic so no action required by you at any time!

Bluetooth connection
Use the Bluetooth connection of your car to detect effectively when you park. Just walk away from your car and the location will be registered. Seamlessly. Then just check the app and follow the walking directions to get back to it.

Motion recognition
No Bluetooth in your car? No worries! We use motion detection to know when you are stepping out of a moving vehicle. The operating system is in charge of this, using low battery consuming sensors, so no extra battery drain! This feature is also very useful when riding someone else's car. You can get a notification when an event like this is detected or disable it.

And more…
– Add as many cars as you need!
– Share your car's location
– Keep track of your cars even if you are using multiple devices – they get synchronized
– You can also set your car's location manually, just long tap the map!
– Switch between miles and kilometers.

What’s New

Map contrast and directions to vehicle fixes!

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Parkify – Where is my car?
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