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Panda Mobile Security, the free antivirus and applock software for Android developed by Panda Security, protects your smartphone or tablet against viruses, malware or spyware. In order to protect user privacy, we also block applications that access confidential data without permission with the applock feature.
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The free antivirus from Panda Security includes complete protection against viruses and spyware and any other type of malware that attempts to access your Android device, as well as Applock or Privacy Audit feature.
In addition, attacks on privacy and theft of phones and tablets are increasingly common. That’s why we also help block any malicious application installed on your device with the applock feature or locate the thief that stole the device thanks to the ‘anti-theft’ feature.
Our free antivirus and applock software includes the following:
Application features:
• Real-time antivirus: The Panda Mobile Security antivirus scans every app you download before the first use to avoid all risks right from the outset. You can also run simple scans or complete on-demand scans to detect viruses, spyware or malware on files or multimedia content.
• Protection against download threats: The free antivirus automatically scans the apps installed as well as their updates, without affecting device performance.
• SD card scanning: Secure Digital (SD) memory cards can also host viruses and other threats such as spyware. Scan any SD card on your Android device with our antivirus.
Privacy Audit
In addition to scanning your device with the best antivirus, you can also control at all times what each app can and can’t do and which confidential information it can access with applock feature.
The privacy auditor scan and displays the privileges of each app (access to contacts, bank account, photos, etc.) installed on your Android™ device.
Improved device performance
Panda Mobile Security scans in real time the resource use of apps on your device to optimize speed, performance and memory use of the device.
It lets you know how much space they occupy, as well as their resource consumption, and lets you terminate an app’s processes in order to optimize battery and performance on your device.
Anti-theft and phone locating
If you lose your device, you can recover it with Panda Mobile Security’s geolocation system. It searches for the stolen device and identifies it on a map so you can find it quickly. You can also remotely delete your personal data to prevent others from accessing it.
• Remote geolocation of your phone: Find your device rapidly in the event of theft thanks to our GPS system to help you find it in real time.
• Remote locking of your phone: Lock your device if it’s lost or stolen to prevent strangers from using it or accessing personal information.
• Remote wipe of all confidential data on the phone: You can delete all information stored on the phone if is lost or stolen to prevent anyone from accessing your confidential details on the device or the SD memory card.
Sometimes, not even the best antivirus that protects against spyware and malware can prevent the theft or loss of your phone. In these cases, the anti-theft and geolocation features of your phone can prevent the device from falling into the wrong hands.
Pro features
• Theft alerts: If someone steals your phone or tablet, you can get a photo of the thief after three failed attempts to unlock the device. The photo will be sent to you via email along with the device location.
• Motion Alert: Sound an alarm if someone touches your device without your consent.
Comments from our users on the TrustPilot independent platform:
– “Quick, efficient and without problems.”
– “The best antivirus I’ve had, above all for ease-of-use, effectiveness and the feeling of total protection.”

Size : 5.8M
Current Version : 2.3.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up
Offered By : Panda Security



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