Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars~Battle of the NEETs~ APK

The official smartphone game for the “Osomatsu-San” series, with over 2 million downloads in Japan alone!
The sextuplets head out in a variety of costumes with their friends to defeat enemies and steal everyone’s secret stash of cash! Full of gags, over-the-top action, and fast-paced battles!

■Battles Full of Excitement!
Now with characters that fly in the sky, the battles have become even more exciting!
Have fun fighting your way ahead both on land and in the air!

■Collect All Your Favorite Matsus!
All-new character designs found only in this game!
Not only can you collect all the costumes from the anime, there are plenty of brand-new original individual costumes created just for the game! You can also see lots of different variations for the other characters as well.

■A Battle Game for Everyone!
Send allies out to battle with one tap, and watch them do all the work from there!
Which will come crashing down first, the Matsuno Home or the enemies’ fort? You don’t even need good reflexes! You could totally play this game in your sleep!

■To the Ends of the World and Back Again!
Chase Iyami, Hatabo, Dekapan, Dayoon, Totoko, and the others all across the world and do battle! The scenery and your enemies’ different locally-inspired costumes will change as you go. When your house can walk and come along, a NEET can go anywhere!

Avex Pictures Inc.
DLE Inc.

Active Gaming Media Inc.
Monstar Lab, Inc.

© Fujio Akatsuka/Mr.Osomatsu-Project
■Recommended OS
Android 4.1 or later

■System requirements
2GB or higher Memory
(not compatible with tablets)

What’s New

– Minor bug fixes

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Additional information

Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars~Battle of the NEETs~
50.84 MB
Developed By
avex pictures Inc.

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