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One++ Calculator is a digital formulary and may be the best addition for your favourite calculator app! writes about this calculator: "One++ is the flagship killer calculator app of Android"

Main functions:

245 menu items with more than 1000+ formulas
5 categories: Everyday, math, converter, physics und economy
5 Material themes: dark, light, black and translucent, grey
7 menu layouts: Icons, Pattern, Tiles, Simplistic, Simplistic Cards, Simplistic Icons, Simplistic Tiles
12 languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian, Turkish
15 list animations
voice output (if your device support's it) for calculations by clicking on it
Xposed module InApp DPI settings
Action menu: You can create shortcuts for your favourite apps to have quick access to them
new particle system: Let it snow 🙂
★ a lot of settings for customizing

This might be the fastest way of calculating!

It's very easy:

Give him a variable and One++ calculates everything you want to know.

Example 1: Enter the side length of a cuboid and this calculator tells you the surface area, the volume, the diagonal length and some more.

Example 2: Enter a valid range of numbers and One++ Calculator will tell you the primes, twin-primes or something else you want to know within this range.

One++ is not just another calculator app! It's the best addition for your favourite calculator app and your companion for fast caltulations in almost every situation!

You will be impressed, how easy mathematics, physics or economics can be!

Happy calculating! 🙂

What’s New

* A lot of bug fixes
* Migrating to AndroidX libraries
* Target API 28
* Removed unused code

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One++ Calculator
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Sascha Haubold

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