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“Onavo effortlessly extends the value of your existing data plan.” – Dave Johnson, CBS MoneyWatch
**If you have installed a custom ROM, please read the instructions at the bottom of our App description**
– Get as much as 5X out of your Android’s data plan
– Traveling? Save up to 80% when roaming
Onavo Extend lets you get up to five times more out of your data plan without changing the way you use your phone. With Onavo Extend, engage in more app activities, photo sharing, web browsing and more on 3/4G without breaking your data cap. The app lets you compress your mobile data so that you can do more with your Android’s mobile data month after month. And, if you travel abroad, Onavo Extend helps you stay within your roaming plan and saves you money while helping you do more with your data plan.
Onavo Extend is now even more powerful with its revolutionary universal data caching tool that uses your SD card to minimize data consumption of 3G/4G traffic without risking the freshness of your cached data. You can easily control the percent of your SD card allocated to the creation of your universal cache for a personalized Onavo Extend experience. The app also lets you optimize pictures when you share over 3G/4G, giving you control of how much data you use when you share photos. The Onavo Extend Widget helps you easily monitor how much data Onavo Extend saves you by app for increased app transparency!

OS note: Onavo Extend is only supported for specific ICS devices.

Some ROMs and kernels are missing important networking support that Android 4.0 APIs, and Onavo Extend, rely on.
If you’ve received a message saying your version of Android is unsupported, or if the application always says “service paused”, please contact us via the “Feedback” menu item so we can help.
Trying a different ROM or kernel should help as well.




  • Ive used all my data even being unlimited on my LG Stylo6 can I use this app now without data to given me more data free of charge?

  • mine never show up anything. service on but sometime just service pause. nothing appears. pls help

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