NS Wallet – Password Manager APK

Important facts you need to know about this password manager before you give up reading this boring description

✮ No ads. At all. Really.
✮ No registration, only your local storage is used for storing the data.
✮ All primary functionality is available for FREE (but we appreciate a lot if you buy premium subscription)
✮ A lot of people trust our application and use it for years since our first release in 2012
✮ NS Wallet is multi-platform password manager, you can use it on the phones and tablets on the different platforms, find more information about that here: http://www.nswallet.com

Now finally boring description for our password manager 🙂

NS Wallet is reliable, secure and FREE data vault for your confidential and sensitive information (like passwords, credit cards numbers, pin codes, phones and etc). Privacy is our highest concern, that's why our password manager is fully offline solution, your data is stored ONLY on your smartphone or tablet. For those who like to have backups in the cloud we are going to introduce automatic uploads to cloud soon, keep yourself updated.

Main features

– it is not necessary to remember dozens of your passwords, pin codes and other important pieces of information, you have to remember only one master password to access NS Wallet.
– all your information is encrypted using AES cypher algorithm and stored securely on your phone or tablet, nobody is able to access your private information even if your device is lost or stolen
– our password manager is very flexible, there is possibility to add any kind of your own custom information
– the app automatically creates backup files and stores them in separate folder
– app is locked automatically if it is not used
– embedded password generator can be used to produce highly secure passwords
– the main functionality of the app is FREE to use
– no user behaviour tracking to reduce the risk of data loss or leakage

Premium features

– search functionality
– special folder "Recently viewed", the folder is showing recently viewed items
– special folder "Frequently viewed", the folder is showing frequently viewed items
– special folder "Expiring soon", the folder is showing the items with the dates of one month in the future and earlier (very useful to track expiry dates of your credit/debit cards)
– theme changing (you can select one of graphical themes)

!!!!!! Important !!!!!!
Remember your master password by heart or put it down on the paper and put it into real safe. It is not possible to restore your data if you forgot/lost your password because the data is encrypted and your password is the only key to decrypt the data. Our support team will not reply any requests asking how to get access to your data if you lost your password because it is just not possible.

What’s New

– Crash on backup exporting for Android7+ phones is fixed
– Open phone dialer from the app for the fields with the type ‘phone’
– Open browser from the app for the fields with the type ‘link’
– Open mail app from NS Wallet for the fields with the type ‘e-mail’
– ‘Share it’ is available now
– Fonts are bigger now on some Android devices

Download APK

Additional information

NS Wallet Password Manager
26.47 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Nyxbull Software


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