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Notify alert, a part that make your using the phone more conveniently . You receive notify on the notification bar, using quick setting and many thing you care appear on that to make phone using experience more great and easy. But seeing default thing all day may make you want a new one. Then for you, this is Notification Alert.
The beauty of the Notification Alert is the flat style. Background of the Notification Alert is blur so that make the notification look classy and gorgeous. Blur background is the great trending to make the main object stand out of normal. Also with style and great user experience bring the best for you. The quick setting contain many thing like wifi, flashlight, mobile data and many more help you to access the usual app quicker and life will be easier. Beautiful, convenient and great user experience, this is a notification you will like. Let use and feel the Notification Alert
The highlight of this Notification Alert when compare to the default one is the good point. It shows the notify when you receive messages, alert and shows quick setting. You swipe down, touch it to see the notify. Great and beautiful Notification Alert for you!
Quick control with Turn on/off wifi, 3g, bluetooth, flash light, orientaion.

–    Beautiful and great design layout
–    The information showing on the Notification Alert
–    Tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow
–    Notifications to show the notify you received
–    Set time 12h or 24h format
–    Show carrier, signal strength and wifi signal
–    Show batery percent, time date, carrier wave
–    Swipe down to open notification to check notify daily
–    Blur background, simple flat design
–    Quick setting to change directly and quickly
–    Show today and notifications info
–    Beautiful and smooth
–    Small size but powerful
–    Quick control support setting wifi, mobile data, bluetooth,
–    Smart Control support setting flash light, orientation

How to use:
–    Open app, turn on the Notification Alert. The information will automatically show on the notification
–    Turn on/off carrier name
–    Turn on/off signal strength
–    Disable Notification Alert when not using and back to normal
Thank you for using Notification Alert

Size : 1.9M
Requires Android : 4.3 and up
Offered By : Kimewsa


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