Norton Family Parental Control APK

Norton Family keeps your kids safe from online dangers, even when you’re not around. Know what your children are really doing online. Monitor their computer, smartphone, and tablet activities. See how they represent themselves on social networks. Prevent cyber bullying and block access to inappropriate websites and content.

Please Note: A Norton Online Family account is required in order to use this app. Setup a free account at

• Track websites that your kids visit or attempt to visit
• Block specific sites that you feel are inappropriate
• Set time limits on how much time each of your kids can spend on the computer
• Limit computer use to specific hours or days of the week
• Monitor what social networking sites your kids belong to (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
• See how your kids represent themselves on social networks (profile photo, name, age)
• Track what words and phrases your kids are searching for to better understand their intentions
• Setup custom alerts to email you when your kids attempt to do something they shouldn’t

Get started for FREE. Upgrade to Norton Family Premier ($49.99 per year) for more protection:
• SMS / MMS Text Message Monitoring – Know who your kids are texting with on their Android smartphones and record their entire conversations
• Apps Usage Monitoring – Know what apps your kids have installed and uninstalled on their Android devices, and if they are age appropriate
• Video Monitoring – View a snippet of the videos your kids watch on YouTube and other popular video sharing sites
• Time Reporting – Know exactly how much time your child spent on his PC or Mac
• Detailed reports: Get weekly and monthly reports sent straight to your email inbox

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