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"Noorani Qaida" is a free application specifically designed to educate Muslim kids and adults who are naive to correctly read Arabic Qur'aan with perfection. If you are looking forward to learn to read Quran in Arabic, then "Noorani Qaida" is the free tutor in form of android application, which will educate you in learning Quran in a tremendous way. Its features are simplest to use and easy to understand which increases the interest of the user in learning. Here are some reasons why you must opt for "Noorani Qaida".
Chapters :–
Unlike others, this app is categorized in forms of chapters, which are 20 in total. Starting from the basics Arabic alphabets, the user is proceeded towards forming words and then sentences using the right pronunciation of alphabets.
Tests :-
With chapters test one can easily understand their progress that how much he/she has learnt so far.
Audio Recitation :–
Besides the categorized chapters of "Noorani Qaida", the app also entails the audio recitation of the alphabets, words, and sentences, which will help in comprehending the right pronunciation of Arabic words and sentences. This further will enable the Muslim Kids and Adults in developing understanding on how to be able to read the chapters and verses of Quran in the right way.
Writing Practice :-
It's another key feature of "Noorani Qaida", you can learn better by written practice, in paint activity you can choose different colors to draw letters, you can erase, you can choose different sizes of brush and eraser and you can save the file in your Android.
Languages :-
"Noorani Qaida" support two languages. But soon other languages will be added.
In short, "Noorani Qaida" serves as a Qur'aan Teaching Application which will help in improving the Qur'aan recitation and reading skills.

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