Night Mode – Blue Light Filter APK

Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone?
Have trouble in sleeping after long time watching phone screen?

That is due to blue light. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is the visible light spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation. According to the scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposes serious threats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proven that reducing blue light can greatly improve sleep.

Blue light filter is used to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen to natural color. Shift your screen to night mode can relieve your eyes strain, and your eyes will feel ease during night reading. Also blue light filter will protect your eyes and help you sleep easily.

. Blue light can be reduced
. Filter intensity can be adjusted
. Power can be saved
. Very easy to use

. Before installing app from other app stores, please pause this app to enable installation.
. Pause this app when taking screenshots, or screenshots will use the app effect.

We are sorry for above inconveniences that bring to you.

Current Version : 1.0.6
Requires Android : 4.0 and up
Offered By : Simple Design Ltd.




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