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Magic Call for Android from let you make Phone call and send SMS text message worldwide at lowest rates with best voice quality and reliability.
Save up to 95% or more on International Calls and text messages without any hidden charges! Call and send text from anywhere in the world including VoIP blocked areas in UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Vietnam.
Magic Call enables communication in all scenarios, i.e. for making and receiving incoming calls from VoIP blocked areas e.g. Dubai in UAE or offices behind firewalls. In addition, our technology decreases the bandwidth usage, hence significantly improving voice quality in low internet bandwidth areas.
Save BIG with Magic Call – the ultimate & easiest international calling app. No more shuffling prepaid calling cards or dialing endless access number! Launch Magic Call- simply Dial Direct the International number even from your existing iPhone contact list!
Say goodbye to dropped calls and poor connections and hello to reliable call quality from, a global leader in International calling services since 2003
App Benefits
•Works from UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman
•International SMS at lowest rates
•Receive Incoming Calls
•No Carrier minutes usage charges
•Direct Contacts Dialing
•Store and manage favorites
•Logs recent calls & sms
•Crystal Clear Quality
•Lowest International Rates
•No connection fees, NO Roaming
•No Access Number to Dial
•Satisfaction guaranteed!
With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. SAVE 95% or more when connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and 4G, 3G, 2G\EDGE
Main features:
* Making and receiving VoIP calls
* Built-in tunnel for passing thru VoIP blockades
* Connectivity through WIFI, 4G/3G,2G EDGE
* Integrated contacts from the phone
* Loudspeaker
* Balance information
* Time, call status logs
* Last calls log
* Send SMS worldwide
* Support for codec g.729, GSM and g.711
How to Activate:
1. Sign up by visiting website.
2. Go to Google Play store and download “Magic Call” on your Android phones
3. Launch Magic Call ? Settings-? enter your user name and PIN (PIN will be send via email upon verification).
4. Launch the app and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats or directly from Contact list
e.g. 004412345678 or 0114412345678




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