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Frustrated with Limited Storage? Unable to Install More Apps or Click More Photos ?SpaceUp ⬆INCREASES⬆ your PHONE STORAGE by using Advanced Compression / Backup & Restore Tech which compresses your existing apps up to 90-95%

It learns what you use & when you use it suggesting you least used apps for Compression

Compressed but not lost & Back in a flash, making every app accessible from Launcher & Menu

It also knows when you’ll need more space so that you don’t have to worry about Storage Space again.

SpaceUp Features

Quick Compression / Backup & Restore
• Super Fast Compression
• Quickly Compress / Backup & Restore Apps (up to 80%) which Increases & Saves Storage Space
• Creates Smart Folder accessible both from HomeScreen & Phone Menu
• Compressed apps will be lost if you Uninstall our app

Advanced Compression
• Fully Compress / Backup & Restore Apps (up to 90-95%) which Increases & saves a hell lot of Storage Space
• Compressed apps will NEVER be lost if you Uninstall our app also.
• Apps remain INTACT as they were previous to Compression / Backup & Restore in your Phone Menu.
• Bit Slow Compression

Drag Compression
• Gives you The Power to Compress / Backup & Restore Apps instead of Uninstalling Apps
• Use Apps whenever you want from Phone Menu or Smart Folder
• Choose between Quick Compression / Backup & Restore & Advance Compression / Backup & Restore and Increase your Phone Storage Space
• No need of Internet for using App just Uncompress it from Menu/Launcher

Smart Listing of Unused Apps
• Learn’s which Apps you use for suggesting the best ones using a ‘Super Advanced Algorithm’
• Scans all Apps to find out the Least Used Apps & Apps which generates Viruses, Trojans, malware, vulnerabilities, adware & spyware in your phone
• Also, figures out the best apps by which a lot of Storage Space is saved.

• Gives Power of Using App again
• Boost Apps for Optimal Usage
• Increases Memory so always do Advanced Compression / Backup & Restore again

SpaceUp / Space Up Launcher (1 Tap Access Shortcut)
It makes everything super accessible so it gives you power of Accessing all apps from 1 Tap Access folder

SpaceUp / Space Up Benefits

• Increase & Save Phone Memory: It’s primary feature of Quick Compression / Backup & Restore & Advanced Compression / Backup & Restore gives you the Power of Increasing Memory and also to Install 3 Times more Apps on your phone

• BOOST PHONE: It never slows down your phone it makes your Phone run Super Fast by Boosting Phone & Boosting RAM.

• INCREASE BATTERY LIFE (BATTERY SAVER): Compression / Backup & Restore almost finishes the background processes of other apps thus increasing the Battery Life by a drastic amount.

• NO MORE LAG: Once you compress / backup & restore all your Less Used Apps your Phone will NEVER HANG or LAG

• COOL PHONE: Compression / Backup & Restore reduces CPU usage by compressing apps that it keeps your Phone Cool & never let any App heat up your phone also extending your battery life.

SpaceUp / Space Up is 100% Free! Download it for free & the Phone Memory problem is gonna be an old thing now!

So WHY UNINSTALL APPS when you can just COMPRESS / BACKUP & RESTORE them and Increase Storage Space

This app uses Accessibility services, to help people difficult interacting with the device to perform automated app compression.

NOTE: We NEVER EVER collects your personal data.

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What’s New

Fixed App Lost Problem
Drastically Reduced Uncompression Time
Improved Apps Suggestion Algorithm
Major Bug Fixes

No longer enable accessibility service for non-disabled users, to comply with new policies enforced by Google Play. Accessibility service is no longer required in non-root privileged mode.

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Additional information

Never Uninstall Apps – SpaceUp
8.88 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Stash Co


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