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Widget displays the network status, network type (EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, etc. **), operator code, operator name, LAC, CID, signal strength.
Widget sizes – 4×1, 2×1, 1×1.
More features available in PRO version:
– Network type notification;
– Signal strength notification;
– Text customization;
– Color customization;
– Using custom tags for display additional values, such as LTE signal strength.
Tags for text customization:
$$NWOPN$ Network operator name
$$NWOP$ Network operator MCC+MNC
$$LAC$ Location Area Code
$$CID$ Cell ID
$$PHTP$ Phone Type
$$NWTP$     NetworkType
$$SSDBM$    Signal Strength (dBm)
$$CDMASID$    CDMA System ID of the current cell site
$$CDMANID$    CDMA Network ID of the current cell site
$$CDMABID$    CDMA Base Station ID of the current cell site
$$ESS:N$    Extra values.
$$MEMF$     Memory Free
$$STOT$     Storage Total
$$STOF$     Storage Free
$$SDCT$     SD Card Total
$$SDCF$     SD Card Free
$$BATP$     Battery Percentage
$$BATV$     Battery Voltage
$$TEMPC$    Temperature (Celsius)
$$TEMPF$    Temperature (Fahrenheit)
$$CDMADBM$    CDMA RSSI value in dBm
$$CDMAEI$    CDMA Ec/Io value in dB*10
$$EVDODBM$    EVDO RSSI value in dBm
$$EVDOEI$    EVDO Ec/Io value in dB*10
$$EVDOSNR$    EVDO signal to noise ratio.
$$GSMER$    GSM error rate (0-7)
For more info see online help and widget config.

Note: Some Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note have screwed API and returns unknown signal strength.
If you have no working well signal diagram, you don’t need to upgrade application to pro version.

Size : 273k
Current Version : 1.9.0
Requires Android : 2.1 and up


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  • 7/24/2014


    Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. I downloaded your Network Info Widget. I wish to view signal strength and Ec/Io. I couldn’t find a way to do that, so uninstalled the app.

    Do you support that function on:
    Samsung S4
    US Cellular
    Android 4.4.2

    Thank you,

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