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Navier HUD 2.0 is currently released for Android 4.0 and upper. It reduced the operation flow for navigation and make it easier to understand.
In Navier HUD 1.x you need to install the TTS (Text-To-Speech) engine for turn instruction speech.
Instead, if you have not install TTS engine in Navier HUD 2.0, it will get the speech sounds from TTS server automatically (needs network connection).
Google Map 2.0 Api is included for better operation experience
Navier HUD 2.0 improves the route planning user interface that helping people see and adjust their route.
You can not only set a destination on the map, but also see the planed result on the map. You can even add a mid-way point to adjust your planed result.
What’s difference in Premium version:
1. No ads
2. Syncs your data on different devices

**Please make sure that your device works well with free version before you buying it **
NOTE: Needs 3G connection when navigation
NAVIER HUD – New navigation concept
Navier HUD is an application available on Android phones. Navier HUD uses the HUD (Head-up display) concept to help drivers without having to take their eyes off the road. The driving information are projected on to the windshield when using Navier HUD while the phone lie down in front of the windshield. Navier HUD has a simple navigation function to hint people toward a selected destination just follow the routing instruction. For the use of HUD, driving information and instruction are designed as simple symbols to help drivers easy to recognize.

[Safer driving] Navier HUD (head-up display) projects navigational instructions on the windshield, effectively providing essential information to the driver without having to take your eyes off the road.
[Turn-by-turn navigation] The navigational instructions are designed to be read clearly in HUD mode. Simple instructions and signals is the main goal here. Turn-by-turn speech instructions are supported (not all languages).
[Usable for different vehicles] Navier HUD can be used for driving, biking, jogging… You can switch between HUD and normal mode for regular use on a phone holder.
[Customize your layout] Navier HUD lets you create your own panel layout with parts like a compass, routing instructions, average speed, route progress, distance travelled. Just choose the parts you need and arrange them however you like.
[Synchronize data with your Google account] Navier HUD synchronizes and backs up your data (destination and panel layouts) to multiple devices using your Google account.


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