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All-new MyNetDiary helps you lose weight faster and easier than ever.

This app works like a coach in your pocket, always ready to help. You set weight goal, the app creates Calorie Budget and recommends nutrient targets. You log foods and exercise, the app advises how to stay on target. Food logging is a snap with MyNetDiary. Millions of people have lost weight and achieved healthy lifestyle with this app.

MyNetDiary is based on proven science and is #1 app according to American Journal of Preventive Medicine, whose independent study includes apps like MyFitnessPal and Lose It!. The New York Times found MyNetDiary "simpler, quicker and nicer" in comparison with MyFitnessPal. This app was featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and NPR.

✓ The fastest calorie tracker taking only a few minutes per day. Barcode scanner and instant search make logging a snap.
✓ The best food database with restaurants, grocery stores, special diets and ethnic foods. Verified and updated daily: if a food or restaurant is not in the catalog, take photos with the app, we will enter food labels for you.
✓ Automatic exercise calorie counter syncs with Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone and Garmin trackers and weight scales. Syncs with other devices via Google Fit.
✓ Coaching advice keeps you focused on weight loss and provides support when you need more help. Personalized analysis and advice improve your diet.
✓ Meal and weigh-in reminders help you track consistently.

✓ The fastest calorie counter: remembers and suggests your favorite foods and servings.
✓ The most comprehensive food diary: log custom foods, create and log your recipes.
✓ Detailed nutrition labels and Food Score helping you choose better foods.
✓ Planning foods helps with weight loss.
✓ Huge barcode scanner database.

✓ Recommends Calorie Budget for your target weight. You choose weight loss rate or target date or custom Calorie Budget.
✓ Recommends calories and nutrient targets based on your age, height, weight, gender and activity level.
✓ You define grams or percentages of energy from Carbs/Fats/Protein, the app balances macronutrient targets within Calorie Budget.
✓ Calorie Cycling: define different calorie and macro targets for different days of a week.
✓ Set and track your nutrition goals: carbs, fats, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals. Learn more about vitamins and minerals, get recommendations from the app.

✓ Beautiful, live visuals of your food diary and weight progress, comparing actual values to your plan, highlighting achievements, providing excess warnings.
✓ Interactive charts for weight plan, weight forecast and weight history.
✓ Works great as a carbs tracker: specialized overviews, charts and reports of carbs and blood glucose. Includes Net Carbs counter and Diabetes Carb Count.
✓ Day Part report ties everything together for pre-diabetes, diabetes and enables overall health analysis.

✓ Fitbit trackers and Aria body scale
✓ Nokia-Withings activity trackers, scales and BP monitor
✓ Garmin activity trackers & watches
✓ Jawbone UP
✓ Syncs with Google Fit supporting hundreds of other apps and devices
✓ Automatic sync to for backup and online access

✓ Track all body measurements, daily steps, hours of sleep and work, blood pressure, heart rate, meds, blood glucose, A1C, cholesterol and other test results. Create custom trackers.
✓ Flexible support for any weight loss strategy and any diet – it’s more than just a calorie counter or food diary!

✓ Full-featured website with online calorie tracker and food diary
✓ Online Community supported by a Registered Dietitian
✓ English and metric units
✓ Optimized for phones and tablets

* Some features require MyNetDiary Maximum subscription.

What’s New

1. Kilojoules vs Calories: 'Use Kilojoules' setting allows tracking Food and Exercise in kJ
2. Related Nutrients: Navigate between Related Nutrients within Analysis or Plan

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